Monday, June 24, 2013

quick update!

okay update as short as I can make it...

Wound vac came off friday! (which meant we could be transfered, yahoo!!! except Calgary is now under water and all transfers were cancelled for a minimum of 72 hours...)

Because of the delay I had a bad weekend of just feeling depressed, frustrated and trapped like we'd never get out of here!  I am now in a better place mentally but still very disappointed we can't leave.  the only reason she needs to be transferred is so I can be taught how to do her IV antibiotics in calgary.  The frustrating thing is that it is the same procedure here as in calgary, but I have to be taught in Calgary because they will be following me.  So we just sit and wait and waste tax $$ staying in hospital when really they could do my teaching here and then let us go straight home instead of flying or driving her in an ambulance down to calgary.

We were able to go out on day passes a few times over the weekend which was nice! She hadn't been outside in over a month!  She insisted on needing her sunglasses at all times! haha

On thursday I had a visit from a friend from home which is always nice!!  Nice to see familiar faces! And she brought me a bunch of care packages and cards and sweet messages from friends back home with was so so nice!

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