Saturday, December 19, 2009

Major Update!

Well, I haven't been the best blogger since I started, mainly because I have been so busy in my spare time. So here is an update of the major things which have happened in mine and Leah's life since my last post. The most Major Update, is that Leah is pregnant! I don't really have a picture to show of that, because a picture of her living the last few days of her life glued to the toilet wouldn't be the most glamorous, so instead I will post a picture of the proud parents. We will be even more proud in July/August when the baby is actually born.

Part of the reason I have been so busy, is that we have been doing a lot of work on our back yard this year. We started by building a deck, which was fun as everyone wanted to help out. We actually mainly it was just my dad and me, but when nieces and nephews came over, they wanted to help a little bit.

We also laid sod this year so we wouldn't have a backyard full of weeds. Allaina and Jeff came over to help, and so did their kids. The cutest part was when Mylee wanted to water the grass and drink the water from the hose.

I then began preparing for the garage pad so I could start my garage. On the day the concrete arrived, I was very grateful to have help from many of my co-workers, including my boss. They really helped out, and I learned a lot. I was hesitant to try pouring the concrete myself, but now after having done it with guys who knew what they were doing, I am much more confident. Don't worry, I wasn't sitting on the side lines taking pictures, I was right in the midst of it all.

I began framing the Garage in September, and started on the shingles right after. I owe Ian Anderson a big "Thank You" as he helped build my confidence to take on the project of my garage, and helped me out a lot. He helped me with the garage slab, and came and helped me frame it. I wouldn't have been able to do it without him. My dad came and helped me install the garage door. I also did all the siding myself, and all the electrical wiring myself, and the garage door opener. I just have to connect the main power into my house, which I will hopefully be doing today. Here are some pics of me roofing, and how the garage looks today.

I don't know how to rotate it? We also this year had our first anniversary. Below are the gifts we gave each other. We both tried to show our love and appreciation by using our talents and making something for each other. I knew Leah wanted more artwork for the house, so I drew her one of our wedding pictures. She also painted me one of our wedding pictures. I must also post a picture of the pumpkin I carved for Leah on Halloween.

Besides all the fun at the cabin we had in the summer, and the bit of mountain biking we did this year, and celebrating my 28th birthday in November, that pretty much brings things up to speed. We look forward to spending Christmas with all my family this year, in my parents new house. I will have to post some more after Christmas.

So to all who read this, I hope you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS.