Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hannah is 6 months old!

My sweet little Hannah is 6 months old today!!! I have no idea how this has happened already!!

It makes me sad to be honest.  I feel like I've missed out on a lot of her short life so far :(  The first little while is a blur after she was born and then once feb hit and we had a date for Lily's surgery I think I was just so focused on cherishing every moment with Lily that Hannah  just kind of tagged along... not that little babies can really do much more than that anyways!  And the fact that Hannah was not a cuddler didn't help :( she much preferred to be put to bed in her crib than hang out in my arms going to sleep.. I really missed that.  Lily was completely the opposite so that's all I have to compare Hannah to. I'm trying not to be too hard on myself... but I'm still kind of bummed out.  Hopefully I can make up for it in the next 6 months!!

While my mom was out helping me she was able to force Hannah to go to sleep in arms.  So since then I've been able to have a few snuggly naps with her which really lift my spirits.  I'm looking forward to getting out of here and being able to spend a lot more time with her!!! Because really right now I'm lucky to spend a couple waking hours with her a day.. Sad!!!

She is so happy.  She LOVES to jump in her jolly jumper.  Right now she loves making lots of sounds and chomping away on her tongue.  She also loves to look at herself in the mirror.  And today I happened to see her do her first roll!! I was soo excited that I didn't miss it!! I was sooo close to catching it on camera (not video) as I was pulling out the camera to grab a few shots of her on her half birthday!

Lily had her chest tube taken out today and handled it like a pro! ..... cause at this point she really is.. haha

They changed her wound vac dressing today and I literally couldn't believe my eyes.   I was astonished.  The progress that the incision has made in 2 days is almost unbelievable.. the wound vac specialist was surprised too as were all the nurses that were in the room when they did it.   I wouldnt' have believed it was only 2 days if I wasn't there when it was done.  It looks like it has had 2 or 3 weeks of healing!  This thing is amazing!  And I know all the prayers definitely are helping her to heal fast!

On friday they will change the dressing again and if the middle portion looks like the top portion then they won't have to put it back on and then we can start talking transfers to calgary!!!!!! woot woot!!   They think well only be at Alberta Children's for like 2 days... If the dressing goes back on then they'll evaluate monday...  the end is near!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I'm excited?

Tonight was bingo night at the beach and Lily had lots of fun.  She wanted to play with her prize right away.. she was so cute feeding and holding her horsey like a baby haha she is hilarious.   Everyone here is in love with her and her fun personality!

Grandma Gibb waiving to Lily from the glass elevators!! 

Lily can see them from her new room!! Pretty cool view!  Every now and then some unsuspecting passengers get a wave from a pretty cute little girl and always wave back!

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