Friday, December 21, 2012

Hannah Joy Gibb

Our greatest Christmas present came a little early. Well...early in the sense that it was before Christmas, but late if you ask Leah. She was born 4 days over due on December 19, 2012.  We are so excited she has come in time for us to celebrate Christmas with her and Lily.  Here she is... 

Ms. Hannah Joy Gibb

 When we got home and put Lily in her jammies, she was so happy that she matched baby Hannah and had the same Jammies as Hannah. When I was putting Lily to bed and we were saying our prayers before bed, she said the cutest things which melted my heart. I will help her say her prayers by saying, Dear Heavenly Father, we are grateful and thank Thee for... then I let Lily say what is on her mind.  Last night she said the following:

1. That her Nu-Nu was washed (he little bunny blanket - she is always so grateful whenever we wash her bed sheets, clothes, or her Nu-Nu)
2. That Baby Hannah came home out of Mommy's Tummy
3. That she matched baby Hannah (her jammies - it took me a second to understand what she meant at first when she said that one.
So a cute story on how we decided to name Hannah.  A few months ago, we asked Lily what we should name the baby, and without skipping a beat she said "baby Hannah".  Ever since then, even though we were not sure on a name, Lily would continually refer to the baby in mommy's tummy as Baby Hannah. One day when we asked again what we should name her, to see if she would still say Hannah, Lily blurted out, "Hannah, come home, she my friend, yeah!" and began clapping. How could we not call the new baby Hannah, as Lily already seamed to know this baby as Hannah and was excited to have her as her friend.

When we first drove into the Garage while coming home from the hospital with Hannah, Lily was right there at the house door waiting for us. She bent over with her hands on her knees peaking into the car seat at Hannah and says, "Baby Hannah? You Home, oh...come" and grabbed the car seat and pulled it through the door while saying. "Hannah, I gotch you"

Although Lily is being a bit jealous whenever I hold her Hannah, she still loves her little sister so much and has been so excited for Hannah to come out of mommy's tummy and to come home.

Here is a glamour shot of Lily, just because she brings so much joy to our lives. The other day, I curled her hair one saturday morning for fun and then took some pictures of her dancing around our bedroom with her Lamby.

Merry Christmas to All. May you have a wonderful time with those you love.