Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Game plan

Lily had another great day! She was full of energy and smiles all day long!  She enjoyed going for rides in the push car to the healing garden and the beach where she made some crafts.

We still don't know when we will be going home but we did get a game plan....

1.  Surgical needs to clear Lily's wound.  They need to be 100% okay with the amount of healing that has taken place before they will let her leave the hospital, wether she'll go with or without the wound vac we don't know yet.  Surgical will come tomorrow to look at her dressing when it's changed and go from there.

2. She will probably have her most recent chest tube pulled tomorrow! Yay! one less thing to worry about!

3. She started warfarin the blood thinner that she needs to be on before she leaves the hospital, now that she is eating well they can give it to her.  Another step in the right direction!  She will need to have her blood tested very regularly at first every few days at least... :( lots of pokes.  I will go home with a monitor so I can do it from home so we don't need to go to the lab every couple of days.

4.  When surgical does decide her wound is healed enough to leave we will be transported to children's hospital in Calgary.  They need to teach me how to give her IV antibiotics to her through her pic line.  She will remain on those for 6 weeks because her infection reached bone.  So I hope she's only in there a few days.

Lily's chest x-ray monday again showed no signs of fluid accumulation!!!! YAY I think we might be out of the woods for the chylothorax! (I knocked on wood just in case!)

Lily has been doing a lot of puzzles while in hospital.   I've been so impressed at her ability to do them! I got her a couple new puzzles the other day and she did them entirely by herself!!!  I'm totally bragging here but I think she's soooo smart!! She did one tonight in just minutes! Crazy! (or maybe that's totally normal and I am unaware! haha)

Hannah had fun riding like this through the west ed mall today with Grandma!

Best we could get! 

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