Sunday, June 16, 2013

A great weekend!

Lily had a great weekend!!  We are still in the ICE room (intermediate care environment).   Which means there is a greater nurse to patient ratio.  The downside is that she isn't able to just get up and go as she pleases, so we can't go out for walks to the healing garden or the beach.   Tonight we did get her up for a short walk which the nurse had to come on, we walked to get a popsicle! mmmm she was pretty excited to get up for that walk.  Hopefully monday we can leave this room so she can get back to taking her walks and playing at the beach.
Laughing at Toopy and Beenu? I don't know how you spell those names!

On saturday I went out and got some supplies for her to make Justin a special Father's day craft.  She spent probably two hours working on it, it was so cute!  And today Justin proudly wore it around the hospital and to church, he even got a shout out from the pulpit recognizing the handiwork ;)

These girls are too cute! They sure love their daddy!! 

On friday I was finally able to wash Lily's hair!  It was gross! It had not been washed since June 21! HAHA I'm dying.. that is sooo gross but for a good two weeks we weren't allowed.. and then once we were allowed to she threw such fits I thought it wasn't worth the fight and getting her so upset when she has so much else to deal with.  I would just spray it all over with yummy detangler and then do her hair.   It was sooo nice to get it clean and put them in some fresh pig tails! She even let me wash it again today!  We had to get creative to figure out a way to get it washed without getting any dressings wet.  This is what we came up with... I had a bucket under her head.. worked great!
I don't think Lily shared the excitement that I felt...

I'm amazed how well Lily does getting her dressing changed considering what a large open wound it is.  I imagine it must be immensely painful for her but, she handles it so much better than a 2 year old!!  She likes to take off my mask for me when we're done.  
Working on some more crafts! 

I have a new respect for the term "security blanket"  after the surgery a few weeks ago she liked to have a blanket up to her neck most of the times but didn't freak out if I took it off to change her diaper etc... she would just say she was cold which was code for I want my blanket back on me covering my chest. However, after this last surgery she doesn't ever want the blanket off her!  I tried to change her bum and she was freaking out, so I said I would get something for her and got her a pillow case to cover her chest.  Once I give it to her she says "thank you, thank you mom, thank you so much" and lets out a big sigh of relief.

Her spirits have been so high all weekend long it's like the old Lily is back!!! I'm really amazed actually.  Just tells me that infection was really making her feel awful for so long!!!! But she had just had a major surgery so we all thought that's just how she was recovering! I thought she had had good days before, but these are fantastic days of giggling, smiling, playing, joking and laughing!  (Until it's time to do a dressing change or get a needle)

I even was able to get a few good cuddles and naps in with Hannah this weekend which was really nice! She is such a good natured baby!!! Love my two sweeties!

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